A few words about us

Helwan Fertilizers Company is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company established under the system of special free zones subject to the provisions of the investment guarantees and incentives Law No. 8 of 1997, as amended by Law No. 114 of 2008 and its executive regulations, and issued a decision to practice the activity No. 2690/2004 currently operating under the internal investment system.

A few words about us
Company location

The company is located in El-Tebbin-Helwan, in the industrial zone near the highway and about 40 kilometers away from Cairo, with an area of about 150 thousand square meters.

Company Activities

The company is producing granulated urea fertilizer with 46.5% nitrogen and ammonia production as an intermediate product and a study is currently underway to establish a second line similar to the first line.

Company capital

The authorized capital is 700 million US dollars, the issued capital is 150 million US dollars, and the investment cost of the project is 316.75 million dollars.


On the 9th of March 2004, a contract was signed with the well experienced German company Uhde hiring it is the general contractor to construct the first line of production for granulated urea.

The effective date of the contract: 15th of July 2004 Project execution: 33 months from the effective date of the contract.

Uhde was in charge of the installation of all machines and have conducted all the necessary experiments for all phases of operations. Production started on the 9th of March 2007 (two months before the date specified in the contract) On the 15th of May 2007, the provisional acceptance of the plant.

A few words about us

REACH IFA and Arab Fertility Association (AFA) General assembly member certificate


Technology Used: natural gas is the primary raw material for manufacturing with an estimated daily consumption of about 1.2 million cubic meters.

The technology used in the production processes at the company's factories is due to long-standing companies with a well-known international reputation, namely:-

Ammonia production-technology and operating license of the German Uhde Company.

production of Urea Fertilizer technology, operation license to extract Urea, and Urea granulation are granted to Stamicarbon Company.