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The company specializes in the production of urea fertilizer 46.5% nitrogen and ammonia which is an intermediate product.

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Continues growth and sustainable development are the targets of Helwan Fertilizers Company.

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health and safety with the recruitment and development of the best human cadres while adopting the latest technological practices

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Helwan Fertilizers Company

is an Egyptian Shareholding company established according to the private Free Zone and, subject to the rule of Investment Guarantees and Incentives Law No. 8 of 1997, and Law No. 114 of 2008 and its executive code and resolution to perform is no:2690/2004.Now it’s working according to internal investment.

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The First Sustainability Report issued by the Global Reporting Initiative for 2019 Helwan Fertilizers Company proudly announces its first Sustainability Report in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This report summarizes all the company's activities throughout 2019 as a leap towards a new success milestone along the company's journey. Helwan Fertilizers Company has voluntarily chosen to disclose the impact of its operations on the three pillars of sustainability using the global reporting initiative (GRI) tools as the basis for the release of its first report. Furthermore, Helwan Fertilizers is always committed to applying sustainability thinking across aspects of its business by smoothly integrating environmental, social, and governance dimensions into the company's policies, procedures, processes and culture. The term "New Horizons" has been chosen as the title of this report to express the journey of HFCs towards sustainability from the beginning to the envisaged future with a focus on environmental, community, and governance performance. Thus, the stakeholders of Helwan Fertilizers Company have prepared the content of the report to tell others about our success story, which the company is much honored to present.

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Quality Assurance

Helwan Fertilizers company has achieved numerous distinguished accomplishments at the local and international levels in the field of ammonia and urea production. This success is attributed to the strict adherence to quality system standards, aiming to adopt a comprehensive quality approach at all stages of production. The company's main policy revolves around customer satisfaction by providing high-quality and efficient products. The company's slogan, "quality first," serves as a guiding principle for all operations. Procedures for quality control and confirmation, as well as monitoring the specifications of the produced fertilizers, have been developed to reinforce this commitment. HFC has successfully overcome various challenges and difficulties to transition to modern specifications, including the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, the ISO 45001:2018 Safety Management System, and the ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System. This accomplishment solidifies HFC's position as one of the leading companies in the application of these systems, further establishing its prominence in the fertilizer industry.

Quality Control

Helwan Fertilizer Company is one of the leading companies in the chemical fertilizer industry in Egypt and the Arab world. As such, we are committed to maintaining the quality of our products at all times. Through our quality system, we continuously compare our current performance with the planned targets and work to remove any technical obstacles for continuous improvement. The quality control department aims to minimize errors and consistently strives to obtain accurate and reliable results that demonstrate the level of precision characterizing the company's laboratories. Our customers can trust that they are dealing with a company possessing high technical competence, and they can have confidence in the test results provided by our quality control laboratory.

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We provide our products in 50 kg , 500 kg , 1000 kgs, Bulk in containers & Bulk in vehicles

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